Dehydrated Urine

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  • Dr. John’s Clean Pee

    The legendary Dr. John's Synthetic Urine. Perfect for use in for your Urinator. Dr. John's Synthetic Urine is for a realistic urine sample. Dr. John's Clean Pee or Fake Pee synthetic urine is for both males or females so go for it with confidence.
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  • Golden Shower Dehydrated Synthetic Urine

    This vial will make 3 to 3.5 oz. of synthetic, pure urine. Small and easy to carry around and easy to store. Add 75-85-ml/cc of warm water. Golden Shower Dehydrated Synthetic Urine consists of a vial that contains all the ingredients found in human urine and is balanced for PH, Specific Gravity and Creatinine. Golden Shower Dehydrated Powder Synthetic Urine is made for both Males and Females for 100% realistic fetish and practical joke use. The Dehydrated Powder Synthetic Urine does not test positive for any illegal drugs,alcohol,nicotine or metabolites. "GOOD FOR ONLY ONE USE"
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